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Welcome to AMPTRA Careers

"Launch Your Dynamic Career Path with AMPTRA"

Embark on an exhilarating journey with AMPTRA, whether as a pioneering Business Owner or an enterprising Regional Director. Join our network and harness the power of innovation and entrepreneurship in the booming power bank rental industry.



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Why Join AMPTRA?

Brand Excellence

Capitalize on AMPTRA's strong market presence to fast-track your success.

Innovative Technology

Harness our top-tier power bank technology for a competitive edge.

Comprehensive Support

Rely on our on-going expert support to transform your entrepreneurial aspirations into tangible achievements.

For Entrepreneurs


Your Role as a Entrepreneurs

"Shape Your Business Destiny with AMPTRA"

Step into the role of an Entrepreneur with AMPTRA and control the reins of your future. From overseeing day-to-day operations to strategizing for growth, your entrepreneurial journey with us is one of autonomy, innovation, and success.

The AMPTRA Advantage for Entrepreneurs

"Strategic Investment, Empowered Operations, and Exponential Growth"

Empowered Operations

Leverage our sophisticated software and operational support to streamline your business processes.

Exponential Growth

Embrace the opportunity for substantial business growth and business expansion with our scalable model.

Strategic Investment

Determine your investment level with access to resources at cost. Flexibly scale your business according to your vision and capacity.

For Regional Directors

(Sales Managers)

Your Role as a Regional Director

"Command Your Sales Territory with Zero Initial Risk"

As a Regional Director at AMPTRA, ignite your sales prowess and management skills with zero financial risk. Spearhead our regional expansion, creating robust customer networks and overseeing station management - a path laden with rewards and recognition.

The AMPTRA Advantage for Regional Directors

"No Start-up Costs, Sales Mastery, and Unlimited Earning Potential"

Sales Mastery

Focus on driving sales and managing your territory, while we expertly handle all backend logistics.

Immediate Success

With no initial investment and no cap on earnings, start making an impact immediately.

Zero Start-up Costs

Dive into your role with no initial financial burden, paving the way for a stress-free start.

"Step into Your Future with AMPTRA"

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