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AMPTRA revolutionizes on-the-go charging with next-gen power bank rentals so you can ditch the low battery anxieties and hassles, forever!




Customizable Solutions



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Portable Chargers

Established in 2022 in New York, AMPTRA is at the forefront of revolutionizing the portable power sector. We are fervently on a mission to redefine the 'charge on-the-go' experience. Initially, we aim to offer highly accessible and user-friendly power bank rentals, while our long-term vision encompasses innovative strategies to completely alleviate charging concerns on the go.



and Reliability

At AMPTRA, we always aim for the pinnacle of quality, ensuring unparalleled product standards.

User-Centric and Customer Focused

We actively listen, understand, and tailor, ensuring our solutions meet every unique user need.

Sustainability and Responsibility

At AMPTRA, sustainability is not an option. It is a priority. We embrace sustainable practices.

Passion for Problem-Solving and Innovation

Driven by our love for problem solving, we innovate our solutions by focusing on the root of the problems.




AMPTRA is committed to offering the highest quality, convenience, and affordability in smartphone charging solutions on-the-go. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction by eliminating the prevalent challenges associated with smartphone charging - delivering quality solutions when and where you need them, without any usual hassles and the financial strain.




AMPTRA aspire to spearhead the charging revolution, going beyond just smartphones to address all on-the-go charging dilemmas. Central to our initiative is our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer-centric innovation, fueled by our everlasting passion for problem-solving.


"At AMPTRA, we are committed  to present the ultimate solution to the phone battery dilemma. We are more than just a business; we are a beacon of innovation, convenience, and affordability, devoted to #PoweringGoodTimes without interruptions.

I started AMPTRA with a single purpose: to address the widespread issue of phone batteries dying at the most inconvenient times. Despite our technological advancements, bulky power banks, expensive charging cases, and the ongoing hunt for outlets remain our best yet flawed solutions. This problem is precisely what AMPTRA was created to solve. Instead of having to anticipate battery needs and deal with the hassles of preparation, AMPTRA ensures the solution is already there, ready for you. Grab, charge, and go. Through our sustainable rental and sharing economy model, users only pay for what they use, combining convenience with eco-friendly innovation, and reaffirming our commitment to #PoweringGoodTimes.”

“A world without dead phone batteries. It’s not science fiction
- it’s our promise at

Discover the AMPTRA Advantage

A Note from Our Founder:

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